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Divan Bed ( 4 Drawer + Base + Mattress + Headboard)


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Our Premium Serenity Bed is the perfect bed that offers comfort, sturdiness, and storage all in one. With hand-finished button detailing, the Chesterfield-inspired headboard makes a bold statement in any room, with a modern take on this traditional style. The soft, cushioned panels offer sumptuous support right across the headboard, bringing affordable luxury into any bedroom in your house.

The Premium Serenity is the perfect solution for secret storage, great for giving items a home instead of introducing unnecessary, bulky furniture into small spaces. With integrated storage, it is available with either side opening or foot end opening drawers. You can easily keep your room tidy and decluttered, with ample storage space that seamlessly blends into the base of the bed.

As with all of our beds, the Premium Serenity is available in all standard UK sizes to suit all people and room types, and there is a wide range of fabrics, materials and colours to choose from, including durable soft linen or luxurious plush velvet.


Our Premium Serenity is perfect for any size room, with 4 standard UK bed sizes to choose from.


Offering practicality through the inclusion of storage options, creating a cleaner, tidier-looking bedroom with storage built into the bed frame. Whether it’s blankets, duvet covers, or bedroom accessories, your possessions are safe and sound in the hidden drawers, which don’t take up any extra space and really make the most of your bedroom space. By integrating this storage into the bed, you get ample extra space – with the 4-drawer Serenity bed offering extensive space to keep things and declutter your room.

The storage options for our Premium Serenity bed are:

Foot end drawer

4 drawers, with 2 on each side

2 drawers on the same side

With these integrated storage options included, you can declutter and organise your bedroom easily. You can choose your own storage arrangement to perfectly suit the placement of the bed in your room, so any storage can easily be accessed.


Add style and personality to your Premium Serenity Bed with our headboard options. Both offer a simple and hassle-free set-up, though with a slightly different look. Choose between Strut and Floor Standing Headboards.

Floor Standing Headboards

Fix your floor-standing headboard to your Serenity with ease. Having this option provides more sturdiness and peace of mind when enjoying your rest, and gives a grander feel to the bed as the floor-standing size frames the bed perfectly. This option gives the bed a striking standout in any room

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Black, Grey


Double, King, Single, Super King


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